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About Us

Our History

Two adventurous brothers from Kenya seeked to travel the world in search of an exciting, authentic and sensory culinary experience. Upon embarking on this journey they travelled to a small town in Mexico called San Miguel de Allende, where they stayed at a local inn, run by Tia Maria.

Tia Maria was the soul of the community and was loved by everyone in the town. She had a vibrant laugh and a fierce appreciation for good food. Each morning, Tia Maria would travel to the Mercado (the local marketplace) and return with a basket full of seasonal, fresh ingredients. At the age of 65, her plump face gleamed in joy, as she greeted the village, announcing her new ideas of recipes, and treasured ingredients that Pedro, her local trader, had hand-picked from the depths of the mountains, forests and rivers. She would prepare lavish, delicious meals for all her guests that ultimately satisfied the curious tastebuds of the two brothers. Contented, they returned home, inspired, enlightened and yearning to share the experience they had of the array of exotic flavours of the Mexican cusine.

Kenya known for its abundant, organic and fresh ingredients complimented Mexican dining perfectly. The generous use of fresh herbs, vegetables and citrus would create the perfect combination of these deep Mexican flavours and thus provide an experience like no other. And so Mercado was born; a blend of two powerful food cultures; a unique offering unlike anything Kenya had experienced before.
We invite you to indulge, enlighten and tickle your tastebuds at Mercado. Join us on this culinary journey of a lifetime.

Our Chef

Raul Martinez Ramirez
Born and raised in Mexico City, chef Raul joined the culinary world at the age of 16. He discovered his passion while helping out a friend who had just opened a fine dining restaurant. He then joined Lestur Culinary Institute and completed his course in Monaco.

Chef Raul returned back home to open his own French fine dining restaurant but his wanderlust personality could not resist when he was offered a Head Chef position in a new Mexican restaurant in Delhi. He then went on to lead a Mexican restaurant in Jordan and then decided to take a break and stay with his family in Mexico. This short stop along the way was our chance to meet the modest, kind and ingenious Raul! His skills and experience won us over in an instant and he has now embarked on his next adventure…KENYA!

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